TRIBAL: 5 Reasons for Using Pinterest for Business!

Pinterest has been the most talked out social media platform in 2012, but now there are even more reasons to start paying more attention to it.

1. It’s a great source of referral traffic

This week Pinterest ranks 3rd for most traffic right after Facebook and Twitter! Integration with Facebook has helped Pinterest to achieve this position, but more importantly Pinterest users just love Pinterest! There is something very addictive in its beautiful visual interface….

2. Your target audience is using it

The Pinterest crowd is 60 percent female and 55 percent of them are between the ages of 25 and 44. Home decor, fashion, and food are all popular categories on the site, but “hobbies and crafts” in particular is the category to watch. On Pinterest pinners seem to gather around interests rather than existing friendships.

3. It’s beautiful and visual

Pinterest is based on sharing images and has a beautiful visual interface. You can create image boards dedicated to specific topics or interests and pin your favourite photos from websites or your computer to them. You can also follow other Pinterest users and/or their specific boards, and like, comment and repin their photos to your own boards.

So if your business has beautiful images to share of your products and services, Pinterest is definitely the place to be for your business!

4. Links back to your website

The power of Pinterest is in its image bookmarking. You can pin photos from websites and they become links to these sites, hence driving traffic to these websites. Remember to include your website or blog address in the description of your profile as well as the images to make it easy for anyone to visit your site.

Also make sure that you are able to capture these leads on your website. Otherwise this traffic is worthless to you! So have your landing page and opt-in ready in the other end.

5. Integration with Facebook

All pin boards and new pins appear on pinners’ personal profiles on Facebook (if logged into Pinterest via Facebook login) further spreading the word on the shared images.

Need some ideas on how to market your business on Pinterest?

For more ideas on marketing your business on Pinterest, here’s one of the best articles I have found: 56 Ways to Market Your Business on Pinterest

Please note that Pinterest is still invitation only! If you need an invite, please email me on and I’ll send you one right away!

Happy pinning!

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Minna Salmesvuo

Owner & Social Media Marketing Consultant @ Social Media Tribe


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