The Truth Of What Makes A Message Stand Out On Social Media

what makes your business stand out on social mediaThe Truth Of What Makes A Message Stand Out On Social Media

A question I get asked sometimes: When you are a small business owner with a limited advertising budget and social media is getting busier and noisier how do you get your message through to your ideal clients and customers?

Like anyone who has ever created a social media page knows, a website or Facebook page will not be found just because it has been published. These days setting up a social media site is only the beginning of the next step in getting your message out there and getting it seen and followed.

But all those strategies and tactics to get your page seen are still NOT enough.

Just because your business is seen doesn’t mean anyone wants to do business with you, like it or follow it. Your business needs not only stand out and be different, but…

be different in a way that can be FELT, not just SEEN

how to make your business standout

Here’s a quote that summarises my point perfectly (from “Difference – the one page method for reimagining your business and reinventing your marketing” by Bernadette Jiwa)

“The truth is that what really moves us is feelings, not facts.”

“There are thousand ways for you to get noticed, but there is only one way to really touch someone. And that’s to give them a reason to care, a story they can believe in.”

“We have the power to create things, experiences, connections, moments and stories that change people.”

“We can reimagine what it means to make an impact. We have the opportunity to reinvent the way we do business. Creating a difference is a choice and it’s yours to make.”

Says it all…doesn’t it?

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