Times change, is it time to refocus your social media marketing strategy?

Times change, is it time to refocus your social media marketing strategy?

Complimentary Goals-Strategy-Action Session Now Available – Read On!

one sizeSocial Media can seem like a complex and constantly changing platform. New tools and strategies emerge all the time and strategies that used to work last year don’t necessarily work anymore.

Marketing these days has to educate, add value, create goodwill and build relationships while solving problems.

Without an up-to-date strategy & plan marketing on social media can easily become an expensive and time-consuming exercise, yet bring little results. On social media ‘one-size-fits-all’ rarely… well, fits!

What works for someone else may not be the best approach for your business without deeper understanding of your unique goals, strengths, challenges and resources.

On Social Media it is also vitally important to have a powerful message and to be able to communicate it clearly and effectively.

core-messageToday people are looking for something that aligns with their values and something they can believe in. Businesses need to communicate clearly and effectively what they stand for and believe in to build connection and trust with their followers.

When you show your clients what is in the true heart of your business, your core message and what makes you different from other businesses offering similar services, you can start building relationships and trust with your ideal clients.

They can instantly connect with your message, because they can see you share their values and can believe in what you stand for!

If you are ready and serious about marketing your business on social media, I’d love to offer you a free Goals-Strategy-Action Plan Session.

Now, please understand that this session will not be a sales pitch of any kind. Instead it offers genuine value for you.

Here’s what we will do together in this session:

1. Get really clear on your goals both short term and long term
2. Diagnose the biggest obstacles/challenges that are stopping your business
3. Pinpoint exactly what you should focus on to move forward
4. My best recommendation for strategy and next steps you need to take
5. My honest evaluation of what is possible for your big picture based on your skills and goals

skypeThe reason I am offering this complimentary Goals-Strategy-Action session for is that this is a brand new session I have designed for Skype consulting. I’m offering it as a completely risk-free trial for you! You can easily attend on your mobile, tablet or laptop wherever it is convenient for you.

Some of you might decide to become my clients now or later on, but there is absolutely no obligation nor pressure to do so! Fee for this type of sessions is normally $197 per hour but during this introductory period, this session is yours for free. 

Like I said, I’d love to offer this complimentary session for you.
However, there is a catch: I can’t help everyone!

I only work with entrepreneurs and business owners who are…
• serious about marketing and growing their business using social media
• genuinely enjoy helping people through products and services they offer
• open to learn fast and try new strategies to build momentum!
• take action and take responsibility for their results – I show you what to do, but you will have to do it!
• understand that social media is not a get rich quick scheme but a long-term marketing strategy based on building relationships and trust with your ideal clients in a leveraged way that can help you connect with your ideal clients wherever they might are.

If this sounds like you, click the button below and fill out some details in the form, so that I’m best prepared to help you prior to our session.

As you can understand I’m only able to offer limited number of sessions, so if it feels like this would be beneficial for your business, please be quick to book your spot to avoid disappointment!

I’m looking forward to designing some new strategies for your business together in our session!

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Minna Salmesvuo

Owner & Social Media and Online Marketing Consultant @ Social Media Tribe




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  1. Minna on March 24, 2015 at 4:26 pm

    So excited to tell you that the first week of Goals-Strategy-Action Plan sessions is already booked out and next week is filling much faster than I even expected! If you think this might a good fit for your business right now, click the blue button above and book yours while I still have them available! – Minna 🙂

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