EXCITING recent changes at Social Media Tribe!

EXCITING recent changes at Social Media Tribe, including:

  • Skype sessions now available!
  • New services for businesses

Skype Sessions Now Available!

skypeAfter our successful Skype session trial a few months ago, Skype consulting sessions have become the way most of our consulting sessions are now conducted. A Big Thank You to all action taking business owners who participated in the Goals-Strategy-Action Plan sessions in March/April!

Based on your and our experiences Skype sessions provide a more focused, productive and time-efficient alternative to face-to-face sessions, while still offering the face-to-face-feel that is missing in phone calls.

Skype sessions can be easily attended on mobiles, tablets or laptops wherever it is convenient without having to travel to meetings… or changing UGG boots into proper shoes this cold time of the year!


Social Media Tribe’s Services

Our services have experienced a few changes recently to better focus on how we can help our clients most to achieve the results they want and where we can offer the best value.

In our experience most online and social media marketing challenges always lead back to one thing: something that is missing in the business’ marketing strategy!

Our main focus continues to be in custom designed online and social media strategies for professional service-based businesses including:

  • Custom designed social media and online marketing strategies – How to make most of your marketing budget and pinpoint what to focus on in your marketing for the biggest impact and results?
  • Branding, core message and differentiation in your industry – How to communicate the unique value of your services in your core message, stand out from other businesses in your field and find your best clients?
  • Trouble shooting specific marketing challenges – Feeling stuck and not sure what to focus on with your online marketing?
  • Social media and online marketing funnel design and implementation – How to streamline your online marketing into a system that runs on autopilot and automates as much as possible lead capture, relationship building and sales conversion? – all steps are required in your marketing system! 
  • Setting up and optimising online marketing tools including website/blogs, Facebook and Linkedin business pages, Google+ Local pages, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube channels, advertising campaigns, promotions and integration of all online profiles.


Online Marketing Strategy Blueprint - web imageHave you got all these steps covered in your social media marketing strategy?

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