7 Social Media Marketing Strategy Mistakes That Are Opportunities to Grow Your Business

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Why Do Many Businesses Fail on Social Media?

In our experience most online and social media marketing challenges always lead back to one thing: something that is missing in the business’ marketing!

Treasure mapMistake #1 . No Strategy

  • How do you know how to get there and which direction to go?
  • Based on ”hoping something I do works”
  • Without an up-to-date strategy & plan marketing on social media can easily become an expensive and time-consuming exercise

Strategy Fix #1: Create a strategy that covers all the essential elements of an effective online and social media marketing strategy:

  • Business & marketing goals
  • Ideal client
  • Branding & core message
  • Sales & marketing funnel
  • Tools & automation
  • Content strategy: what are you posting?
  • Products, services, promotions etc.



Mistake #2 . Not designed your business in mind

  • On social media ”one-size-fits-all” rarely… well, fits!
  • What works for someone else may not be the best approach for your business without deeper understanding of your unique goals, strengths, challenges and resources.

Strategy Fix #2:

The key in any social media marketing strategy is that it only works for your business if it includes exactly what YOU NEED to achieve your business and marketing goals ‐ nothing more ‐ nothing less!


Mistake #3 – No sales funnel

  • There is a ‘Process’ to follow when you meet new people before you can ask to marry them
  • Same with asking them to buy something!
  • In marketing this is called sales funnel!
  • Marketing these days needs to educate, add value, create goodwill and build relationships while solving problems.

People buy from people they know, like and trust

Sales FunnelStrategy Fix #3: Sales and marketing funnel custom designed for your business and keeping your ideal clients in mind:

  • Attract leads
  • Engage leads
  • Nurture & build relationships
  • Convert sales
  • Deliver

All these steps are necessary in your funnel!

Once you have a process in place you can streamline, systemise and automate your online marketing so it saves time, money and brings in leads while you are doing other things!


Mistake #4 – Weak message

“People don’t buy what you do; they buy WHY you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe” – Simon Sinek

Strategy Fix #4:

  • Understand who your ideal client is: not just demographics, but their problems, desires, beliefs and attitudes
  • Develop a strong core message: When you show your clients what is in the true heart of your business, your core message and what makes you different from other businesses offering similar services, you can start building relationships and trust with your ideal clients.


Mistake #5 – No Plan to Follow


Strategy Fix #5:

  • Have a plan that links goals into daily action steps
  • Big goals make no sense if they are not broken down into doable steps that you can track and measure


Mistake #6 – No Action


  • Caused by old habits and/or FEAR
  • Fear can kill your dream in thousands of ways.
  • Old habits will keep us doing the same things unless you consciously choose to change them and keep repeating the new actions until they become the new habit

Doing different things means growing and getting outside your comfort zone, and it is not… well, comfortable!
All sorts of fears and emotions come up, we rationalise, we compromise, we procrastinate, we get overwhelmed, we get confused, tired, we have no time, not enough money, stuff happens…
All this is just FEAR wearing different costumes!!

Same Action = Same Results!
New Action Steps = Different Results!

Strategy Fix #6: Have a Plan to follow daily and weekly that is taking you towards your goals and dreams one step at a time

You must develop strategies as part of your social media strategy to manage not only your tasks, but also your mindset to ensure you take action on your plans every day.

Success is a result of daily steps taken consistently.


Mistake #7 – Not willing to grow and get outside their comfort zone

half-the-effortWhen YOU grow, your BUSINESS grows!
Your business grows only to the extent that YOU grow…
You only get out what you put in!

Strategy Fix #7: ALL IN!

Tap into the power of your purpose and let that fuel your marketing – it has irresistible energy!

“The Secret Ingredient”

Everything is energy. Energy is everything! It’s not WHAT you do, but HOW you do it!

Always check you are playing at 100%
Do everything putting 100% your best effort in like your life depended on it – because it does!


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