My first book ‘In the Heart of Social Media Marketing’ is Published on Amazon!

15202730_1356767817668664_5647569139734640769_nIt’s taken two years from when I first began writing and I’m eternally grateful for everyone who has been part of this writing journey and made publishing this book possible. I couldn’t have done it without your patience, understanding, help, support and talent in editing, designing, reviewing and guiding the book’s direction!

Nothing quite prepared me for the moment I saw my first book published on Amazon! Completely took me by surprise what it felt like!

But here it is… This book is essentially what I want my clients to know but it would take weeks of sessions to try to cover everything working face-to-face. I share all my social media secrets in this book so in my opinion, it is a must-read for anyone doing business on social media or at least if you are a heart-centered small business owner interested in building a real connection with your tribe!

In the Heart of Social Media Marketing is currently available on and as a Kindle Edition. And at the current price of $6 AUD it is an absolute bargain!

Get your Kindle copy here:

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If you’d prefer to hold a real book in your hands: I have exciting news for you! The paperpack copy is out now! We have also recently started working with a local printer and distributor, which means that all Australian orders can be delivered on a flat $7 postage rate Australia-wide!

All book ordering options can be found here:

‘In the Heart of Social Media Marketing’ book

  • The heart of social media book coverReady to make social media marketing work for your business?
  • Frustrated with lack of results with your social media marketing efforts?
  • Need some ideas on how to differentiate your business from everyone else in your field?

Find your business’s true competitive edge and learn how to build your social media marketing strategy to attract a loyal following on social media who love what you do and buy from you!

The journey of heart-centered, authentic marketing begins with finding the authentic core message of your brand or business and then building social media marketing strategy for lead generation and sales around this message.

The right core message connects and builds trust with your potential clients and customers who share your values and believe in what you stand for – your tribe! Without building this this relationship and trust first, it is practically impossible to build a loyal following or turn leads into sales.

This approach shifts the whole focus of marketing. It is no longer about just selling but making a positive difference in the world around us through building goodwill, relationships and offering solutions and service. It is no longer about the number of the followers but the quality of those followers and the quality of the relationship you have with those followers that matters when growing your business on social media.

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5/5 STARS – Easy to understand

“This is the first thing I have read re social media that actually makes sense and is easy to understand. I look forward to working through the step by step approach that this book takes. Well done Minna! “

By Amazon Customer on 7 December 2016



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