Social media management:

Could your business use a little help in social media management?

There are 3 types of social media management tasks:

1. fun tasks!

2. the ones you don’t like!

3. the ones you don’t have time for!



It is the tasks 2 & 3 that can become an obstacle in managing your social media, because if they are not fun, they rarely get done!!

So why not let us do those social media management tasks that you don’t enjoy doing or simply have no time for?

Here are some ideas on how we can support you…

Social Media Marketing Tasks:

  • Design of new promotional posts
  • Monitoring your advertising and event promotion campaigns
  • Continuous improvement ideas for your social media
  • Copywriting your social media posts according to your content marketing plan
  • Creating engaging and eye-catching images for your social media and blog posts
  • Content research for your social media or blog posts
  • Blog posts writing, publishing & distribution
  • Posting & scheduling Facebook status updates
  • Sharing your social media posts to multiple social media platforms
  • Managing your email marketing including creating & scheduling emails newsletters and auto-responders
  • Copywriting and publishing ebooks

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Minna Salmesvuo

Social Media & Online Marketing Strategist