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Thoughts Over a Cup of Coffee: What Else is Possible Now?

While having my morning coffee I watched a video by Simon Sinek this morning about two kinds of people: those who only see what they want, their goal, and those who only see the obstacles. You can watch Simon’s story about ‘Free Bagels’ here In summary: The first person doesn’t know at the start how…

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TRIBAL: 5 Reasons for Using Pinterest for Business!

Pinterest has been the most talked out social media platform in 2012, but now there are even more reasons to start paying more attention to it. 1. It’s a great source of referral traffic This week Pinterest ranks 3rd for most traffic right after Facebook and Twitter! Integration with Facebook has helped Pinterest to achieve…

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Social Media Marketing for Small Business Success!

Did you know that nearly all consumers (97%) now use online media when researching products or services? What this means to your business is that every day there are many of Your potential customers online searching for those products and services you provide. If your business does not have an integrated web presence that is…

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